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Better Alternatives © 2019

Your Vision. Our Focus.

Better Alternatives is a boutique technology –focused venture development advisory firm

We guide ambitious management teams seeking capital advisory, strategy consulting, and business development services.



Better Alternatives is a boutique technology–focused venture development advisory firm. We operate at the intersection of investment banking and management consulting, guiding companies seeking strategy formation, business development, and capital raising via equity funding or digital security issuances (STOs).

Sectors we like the most: Blockchain, Fin-Tech, Food-Tech, Agri-Tech and Digital Health.



When it comes to Blockchain - we believe such distributed ledger technologies—will play an increasing role in facilitating trust and transactions within financial services, real estate, supply chain management, insurance, and many other industries; we aspire to aid in its adoption. When it comes to technology and teams, we believe our eyes and nose are capable to identify those that have the will, passion and characteristics to becomes category leaders and succeed in building successful companies; we aspire to aid in their creation

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Leadership Team

The Better Alternatives team brings decades of experience building traditional and blockchain-based technology companies in private and public markets. In the past two years alone, our team helped blockchain companies raise over half a billion dollars.